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2017-04-17 15:14:15 (UTC)

its easy to stumble we've all in life

dear to followers:
its easy to stumble we've all in life
When someone stumbles under pressure forget to see the progress how far they come from they start doubt everything!
1. speak to a friend that you've known for a while
2. saying your favorite quote that puts on a smile
3. believe in yourself is majority important in life
Its so easily to stumble under the pressure what you can do change your tune. I have to say speakin' to Alexis and N'dea over this weekend it had helped deeply I didn't how they had caught me so quickly I have to thank them both:) I wasn't in a good mindset they've pushed me out of the depression. (i wont ever tell what had talked bout it was mine sorry)
I hate when people I have something in common they start ask if they should do this or that? I mean am flattered but doing my thang as best I can do for myself, go on in my life too.... I will try my best am still learning as well. So, yes i have stumble under the pressure for the past 3 years and not going to listen to it because i am better than that, i will work smart not hard be alright within the result at hand. So its OK to stumble and ask for some help nothing is wrong, with that. I am standing stronger because i believe in myself as for the people love me with all misfortune life isn't perfect it will never be, all you can do is try! :)
also set small goals to get to the big ones someday soon, that's how i want live now having my man i adore with me.
the girlfriend next door