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2017-04-14 13:40:40 (UTC)

I never realized, the girl

My family considers for me:
I wasn't aware of the bad habit that happens yearly but I never keep track but my family sees me never going outdoors unless, im forced to go or by their request. I don't what to do, so I don't say anything let it go? so just on ahead I go college and study, graduate then on to the next thing. Something got me so pissed off this morning that just ignored it and did my chores and do my homework too. I haven't really given much thought it has been norm so many times it feels confronting, am all right with change just feels like am disappearing without really noticing it.
So is it time to tell a therapist now? Hmm....
This entry is about me and the people I have met:
Over the past weeks have thought bout Alexis cant really tell her I have a crush on her. that would rude everything for sure something that cant desirable bout her. don't why have these feelings towards this girl, I know for sure cant be myself around her and I feel. We've worked together more times than other classmates, it feels so hard not to take this feels to my head, I just cant she has me turnt on. I feel am in limbo because just wish I knew how get out this!
I've came very close with N'dea for several weeks now that we talk a lot, even thou if she busy I can shoot her text or she does the same in return.
I hope all my follows have a good week and see you later, next girlfriend out!