the lilfe of a very confused person
2001-10-10 21:54:20 (UTC)

well here i am a gain

well this is the second time i have writen in this thing all
day i guess it helps me get things out. well i didnt have
to go to work becasue there was a health inspector
coming and they didnt wanna get in trouble.. hell yeah..
well im sitting here listing to ja rule spilling my guts. i
guess if you people really wanna get to know me or
somethin ill tell you of my past. well my dad is chinese
and my mom is irish american so im sorta a mix .... i
know its wierd. anyways my parentsgot divorced when i
was???? in fourthgrade so that would mean....10 or 11
it doesnt matter.. but my parents still dont talk even
though they say that there ok with each other.. um well i
guess im really close to my grandparents ever since
the divorse. i dont know why i guess it that there was so
much goin on at the time they were just there to (tell us
its ok) oh yeah i forgot i have two brothers one in
collage at UB and one in 8th grade , im in 11th grade
sorry if anyone is reading this its a little complicated im
just putting this all down and its not making since... um
i used to go to a privet school and now i go to a public
school i swiched in 8th grade the swich really ruended
my love life. it sux. everyone in the privet school was so
close there were only 30 kids in each class and there
wass really no relatonships . everyone knew everything
about everyone. and it was hard to start one becuse
everyone was like a brother and sister to everyone....
wow i just used the word every ALOT .. yeah since ive
been in public school thing have changed for the better
ive been talking to more girls and even getting a cupple
numbers here and there ive really learned and
expanded my love life. damn privet school!!!! see all my
friends are not vergins .. amd that sux i mean i want to
find the right person and i can wait but it is just getting
impaciant.. but if you read my past entry then hopefully
it will all work out... well not all my friends but most of
them are not vergins.. i mean the verginity thing is really
not annoying me its the relationship thing i really need
to find someone.DAMnit im sounding desprite but im
not just thing will come i just have to wait.