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2017-04-04 15:28:25 (UTC)

home stretch

I have to write this out! So? Alexis came back today and just my girly N'dea texted me this morning save her set so that basically simple right? So had a lot on my mind, Iast night (still do today) and couldn't sleep it took till ten...however I have been waking up early again like 3:13am and then am practically sleeping through my alarm back set promptly at to tell you still don't know if this a headache or migraine. So, ugh man its a pain in the point isn't clear at that point any who? Today at my college we had active mind big event honestly its heartbreaking to hear, I have read stories of love ones. It was bigger than last year, that's good to recognizes the warning signs.... So am in the home stretch of this semester into summer will be here, then theres other things aren't so much as nonsense to me now days... I have look out for myself and my bf to do this right. lately I have been not afraid of falling apart of stress, so great to be in love....
If you are reading this my wonderful boyfriend I have a lot to say you since last night, it was too much to text over!!!! AHHH, hahaha!
Your hand is mine , now my boyfriend take hold of adventure very soon. See you! :D your girlfriend next door