always wth love

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2017-04-03 09:14:50 (UTC)

part V, love letter caputered

Her words of love in courage:
Dear James,
You give me a lot to thinking about lately, youve made love you more lately then i could really picture. So whenever we met it will be something that i cant be without. New questions appear and about my future with you, and hopefully we can talk about this soon before my birthday comes. I need some these questions to be solved or just clearer to realized that we our on the same page. I will always love you, my teddy so much! We have been through so much as individuals we had always in thoughts of missing each other so much now days. Its so real, that cant go day without thinking of you, James , i know isnt going be any different in the years to come. Your have changed so much since we had got so close back in November in 2015. Oh yes?! i have fixed the miscount, ha! Am ready to be your forever "my teddy". Lets take on the adventure together will do it with me, James? I miss you right now, just want your cuddles, and those hugs that cant get enough. Looking forward for my birthday with being with you. Love truly your girlfriend next door.