deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2017-04-01 09:29:17 (UTC)

Waited after your msg

Clearly you will need to explain Ashley and take steps for recommending your punishment. I waited as long as I could, given that I had other things happening as well.

That was my worst attempt to play April fools on You and absolutely nothing went right, including when Matt came in the room and i had to minimize and followed by the power going off a moment later due to the terribly heavy wet snowstorm we were in the middle of.
And of course not only was my attempted foolery a bad decision but the timing of everything subsequent couldn't have been worse.
i am around for a bit this morning and hope that You are able to make it if even for 15 minutes.
i've looked for a response three times this week without success. i have to attend an open house this Saturday so i will be unable to visit but i will do my best to get in on Sunday. Of course it would be nice to hear from You in the meantime.

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