always wth love

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2017-03-31 14:42:23 (UTC)

part IV,love letter caputered

Her worries to her man:
Dear James,
So this morning I should I say or since our V day surprised nite, didn't really give it so much thought, but lately it flooding my conscience to fully what where we going be an the next year? am only saying this because I am doing my part to fix my mistakes! I just want take next stage of our relationship, am tired hiding our love with you, it isn't far to me, think heavenly how cant imagine my life without you! You know well enough I say whats on my heart and I gave you my heart to you, so? I know am here am always by your side that's not gonna change at all, yet I don't want be the girlfriend just next door to be only when have chance to hangout. I want be yours forever and some. am always your girlfriend and No., am not mad not really, I understand why you want wait. I see that and understand well enough, yet again. I want you be my future "hubby" you know how important to me. I need you help me, to help you, James. your girlfriend next door.