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me and my life
2017-03-28 18:37:10 (UTC)

Life is good but stopped.

2016 was really great for me, but 2017 seems to be on my finances. Lot of money going out no inward movement pheww...
Well for now all seems good. Nothing has changed in home same nagging nasty dominating dad and bearing his all tantrums mom, work also same sucks sems my salart has increased will reflect in april salary some pennies in peanuts huh ....
Sis is all good. Have joined gym only one class done. 3 months to gooo.... Woah.. den my tummy will b in and body in shape n expect natural periods.
V n me both doing great still n will forever. He is my gem.
Have to find job but not getting any good. Hopefully i will soon. Lil worried abt v career as we r deciding to get together next yr yaaa get married. God bless us...
Now off to sleep cyaaaaa... Gn