always wth love

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2017-03-24 09:44:27 (UTC)

part III, love letter caputered

dear James
Our night was something that I really missed in a long time, I felt everything that I thought I never get that moments with you. These conversations were fun to see you, even awkward and embarrassing topics as well. I cant wait to hear again later tonite or hopefully tomorrow I just want more time with you. I couldn't let you go last night I slept so great that didn't want to leave my bed. When we were walking around back to street you held my weak hand, I just dont know how to describe that too you, I fallen in love within you, James. Yes, you know that I have been missing since just last month. Everyday I thank, God I found great man that treats me right and sees me my pure beauty. Just thank you "my teddy". I cant wait to get those kisses that miss so much, and can never get enough of hugs. I have to say it took me forever to walk in my house I just wanted stay out, feel you the touch of you holding still with that smile. Im hoping that this summer will makeup for lack of time together just naturally, we going taking a pictures and all. your girlfriend next door James