always wth love

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2017-03-23 08:45:28 (UTC)

love letter captured, part II

dear James
Am forever by your side, holding your hand never let you go. I promise you that, my teddy.....
Unfortunately news that was said honestly I felt broken and sad about it, me and man are great. I just need a prays to answers in this tough time. I feel so helpless because has been tough months has happened that I wont get deep into, but I thought about his status has started to crumble underneath him, just want him to be happy again that's all it really matters. I feel his not there anymore the texts aren't enough I just want his company more now days. I feel like I have soo much pressure, to left his spirits and do my best for myself as well. Am pushing all my dreams a side to make our dream now. We can talk about what I want somewhere later in 2 year mark. As for now its my boyfriend his dream to fully take off and fly. I just wish I was there with him physically last night than hearing this over text messages. I wanted wrap my arms around him and kiss till I felt his heart against me and waking up by the man I love so much. Am always going be there for James, his girlfriend next door...
Side-note if I had slept over i would make you laugh and forget things for a bit, we do a lot more of me and you. I hope to hear from him again tonight or just seeing him hopefully over this weekend will do us some goodness, right? Hmmm... I love you my wonderful.