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2017-03-23 10:07:49 (UTC)

Terror in London

Father God I pray that you cover the city of London with your grace. Our lord and God I pray that every street in London will be protected by the mighty name of Jesus. You will reign in London. You will be glorified in London. No attacks will diminish the greatness of London. You will protect Londoners and their visitors. Fears will not reign in London. You will fortify and buttress the protectors of London. You will give strength to the policy makers, the decision makers, the police, the intelligence service, councillors, MPs, ministers and the PM. You will give the courage to stand and make the right decisions for the city of London. London will continue to be a city of tolerance where everyone irrespective of their greed and background can live in harmony and show love to one another. London will be a city of peace. Your grace will reign in London.