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2017-03-22 09:57:51 (UTC)

My Burdens and aspirations.

My current phase in life is so important. It will shape me for the next period of my life. How much I learn and do now will be the making of me.
I have to bring structure, discipline and focus into my everyday life. This is a must. I am here alone with so many burdens. In this hole I am in now there is only 1 person in the entire world that is doing something practical to help me out.
I need to ensure i can pay my bills until I get a job, then the all important school fees and rent have to be paid until I get a job. How this will be done to be hones t I do not know.
My company and personal tax burdens are also a big issue and worry. I have decided to follow through with the winding down of my company. To be honest I have no choice. Then there is the bill of the liquidator to pay. How this will affect my future I don’t know the full impact yet. I also need to have a plan for my personal tax burden. I hope to speak to a friend of mine today who may be able to help with this.
I surely must have a duty to this world. I cannot just come, live and die. I need to impact lives, help lives, encourage lives and make people better through my means and work. This is going to be the next phase of my life.
The immediate thing is just to survive and get a job and then once I settle I continue to pay off my debt, live a humble life and help others. I have enjoyed myself enough now is the time to give.