The Grown Up Years of a Weird Woman
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2017-03-22 03:20:26 (UTC)

Adios bittttcch

Dear Journal & mi amigos, ((:
I had this fling (Inbetween stages of dating and more than friends but not official??) with a guy named Curt and he didn't want to make it official because of the 30 minute distance. We could have made it work if he actually trieeeeed!!

He wasn't that attractive, I know it sounds blatant to point out he was just okay but it really isn't all about the looks.
He doesn't need abs, a perfect smile, nice hair, etc. A great personality, a kind/polite/manners, and affectionate and decent looking is what I look for.
You do have to be at least attracted to them. What I do is fall for the eyes. They will never fully change on you.
I truly believe eyes are the window to the soul. You can just tell.
Anyway, me and Curt are over because he ended it fucking badly. Just stopped replying. We are still friends on snap because he probably expected me to delete him first.

It hurt at first of course because I did really really like him. He had a great personality but he made the wrong move so I'm done. I know he'll try and message me but I'm honestly done. He can try but nope gonna do it right back fuckeeeerrr!! I'm so mature haha

I'm not being petty like most people would I just want to be happy ya know. I'll give him the credit for who he was but not his final move of assholetry.
ANYWAY, Later.:)

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