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2017-03-21 10:53:49 (UTC)

love letter captured

dear James
This our future possibilities and someday his wife:
It had started on my sis birthday, when I couldn't sleep I was dead in blackness or was a panic attack still don't know what had happened. I thought heavy about you James this before seeing you, missing your touch on me when I was sad. I thought about seeing you in at my graduation its two years away. I thought what would that be for the both us, that will be 3 years strong! I thought about you every since you told the news that's been 4 or 5 weeks ago. Whenever I had gone on the bus just missed you more and more.....I remember the conversation we had several months ago bout the possibilities sleeping near you and waking me up within endless kisses, cuddling, watching TV or while you're playing the game onPS4, walking with you and Milli. I look at you and I smile bigger because his mine to have, when had gone bed that night didn't know you've texted me as nite was almost morning less than hour away. I felt hurt and torn because I have missed it. I wake up that next day felt off and so had decided to read the book you got me for Christmas, liked I had promised you all be done with it soon...I thought about our future again haven't really had time layout the specifics yet...I know that. Am still in college so there's still make a life with him am more patience than had been months I used to now. I just want my days and nights with you more "my teddy", am never let you go. I had gone downstairs about three hours ago and I saw outside without your sunglasses I thought where were they you need to protect them? I was sadden I couldn't run out give you a hug and possibility a kiss. Those kisses you give me are breath taking that i cant get enough sometimes that, am really great at surprising you when you see me...that's best part as you done the same a few times.... I knew to wait, you'll be back bubbly self again. I miss you, this spring break is very different from last year were together three days week, I had only seen from a far days out the month of March. Am so looking for next year that would be something to new for you and I, it will start an new chapter for us. I miss you my boyfriend, am thinking you always till we have more time together. Sorry if feel a bit depressed cant help it, I utterly feel distracted not really focused on boat load of crap at the moment.
Somewhere in the 2 year together I want ask about our future again.... I know all ready is wedding dress with pockets, lacey and sweet heart neckline, comfortable shoes. I would invited my close friends and family. We spoke about this once before, am glad I found the guy of my dreams that I gave you my heart. We've seen each others flaws and have grow a lot since last year. I will always love forever, you know how make me feel better. In week it will be april and that would be just adventures in itself, my life with you is amazing. I love you James, your girlfriend next door.