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2017-03-20 09:02:56 (UTC)

So far (At my Best )

I saw my man on Saturday afternoon, he getting better, honestly I had SURPRISED him again. He has made feel very happy that I got see him, I still get nervous around him( so don't why I do though we have been together for awhile now). I saw his parents too I greeted them, he gave me a hug that Truly that bested ever! We talked a bit too, hopefully we see each other more this time around...Also he wanted to kiss me but I knew wasn't a good timing we were sorta busy this passed weekend....So far in my classes are they have been stable. Am still anxieties but just gotta not stress over some stuff. Oh me and M are texting she been doing well, as for old friend Naomi has been doing great too. Oh my man is back home still gonna be in recovering an bout two months more, isn't so bad because we would eventually spend time together.

I texted an old friend Erika haven't heard from an a month everything is good, it was VERY late she wanted ask me a personal question we have friends for a few years. She wanted to know if had crush on her while she went to the same college??? I honestly was surprised because I wasn't expecting she's asking that...she knows that am Bi-sexual. I gave her my answer, just in shock thou! around 9 or 10 that I text M, hows bible study if you had spoke to anyone? they had moved houses to bible youth, the plan is to go back before the summer....What are you passionate about? I am kinda of stuck because the paper is due soon(I have nothing that really sticks out).