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2017-03-19 19:09:25 (UTC)

Been awhile

Sorry diary. Been awhile and so much happened. A friend died from the single parent group I"m in. I knew her for about 6 years. She was nice. I never got upset at her anytime we hung out. She was cool in my book. Sad that she passed but it also make you think long and hard about your life.

One thought was wishing it was me. I'm not alone. Others have commented on saying this too. It's not easy having to deal with the daily challenges in life. It seems like a way out of the daily grind. It can be tiring. But no, we can't think or say that. We do not have that choice. We have to keep trudging on every day (at least if you wake up).

My friend sometime in the night and her 13 year old son found her dead in the morning. It's sad that her sone had to see that and I really have nothing to say about that. Here is the sad thing about this though. My friend may have committed suicide. She was battling lupus. Her teen son was a brat, selfish, and treated his Mom like shit. I know it takes two but he was a bit of a brat. She was in trouble with the law. She was possibly drinking and cps may have come knocking on her door. She is a single Mom so she doesn't have the luxury of a Mom time out. Anyway, rumor says that she had to go to rehab for a month.

She was looking for someone to watch her child for a month. She was having a hard time finding someone to watch her kiddo for a month. I mean, who has that kind of time to do so? They would have to go to her home and take her kid to school. She lives in Bakersfield. All of us live in Sacramento. So we couldn't commit to that.

Anyway, when she couldn't get the help she needed, she coincidentally passed away. Very sad to hear. I don't know if her soul gave up or she did something to herself. Anyway, that is what happened lately. There are more but I'll post it on another port.