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2017-03-16 16:05:35 (UTC)

Spring Break update 2017

Surprise am Back!
I woke up early around 1:29a, I think its because I was nerves for my exam today that might have do wth it! I slept till 5ish I was exhausted because my sleep. I think did so-so had did well enough on the essay questions so i'll have to wait for that other than that. I have been busy isn't close being slowing just speeding up! Interesting day in my English class, we had group activity, they were about 5 people in a group But only two people matter and I'll explain to you, why? Alexis, and Stephan. It was how to break up with a person? honestly there a several tips in order to move to someone new. We were laughing because it was four girls and one guy he's just sitting watching march madness we all talking dirt on a typical guy version of an breakup...(okay my point of all this now) well Alexis greeted me so sweet, as for Stephan, he was surprised that we got a paper to do over spring break I wasn't even close to being surprised at all. Back in Alexis has told me somehow I had forgot have a lot on my mind now days, but that's besides point she a baby among group of some of us, she's going turning 19 soon that's next week, am going surprised her she doesn't know that yet...hehe.
Oh yeah, brought up in the entry "Marine girl, first position 2.0 part 8", yeah it took this New Year in order rebuy the so yesss....I just brought day before spring break, had no choice my conscious was just SCREAMING AND YELLING! at me. Well see my point in that, Alright what else that need to say?
Me and my man are good, he's still recovering from surgery so haven't heard from him a few days. I will update you guys more on us....
Also this morning had finished watching Star episode 12 and already renewed for season 2 yay!!!!! (about 5-6:10a)
See you later guys! Spring break inside my life