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2017-03-16 10:02:07 (UTC)

Uncertainty Again

Here I am again alone in the wilderness. The most important thing I had, snatched away from me. My job encompassed all my achievements. Now I t is gone. I am alone facing an uncertain future.
My last experience (my divorce) has prepared me to know how to be strong, how to learn to lose, how to be focussed, how to be decisive, how to discover myself, how to better myself. I am here, in a situation where in the next month or 2 I will have no money to pay my rent or my children’s school fees. It can be a scary thought but strangely I am not scared. I see it as an opportunity for God and I to embark on this journey. The journey both of us talk about all the time. The journey I feel he thinks I was never ready for. Am I ready? I don’t know. I still see flaws in my life. I need to be more structured, apply more regulation to my life and my actions both professionally and privately. I need to be onto of every aspect of my life. I need to be disciplined. What I mention above I believe is a consequences of my Job loss. Also my financial discipline and regulation is weak. I need to improve all that. I take unnecessary risks in my life. I need to be more cautious in everything I do. My health is also extremely important as I get older. It is imperative that I watch what I eat and that I exercise regularly. It all boils down to structure. I need to ensure that all my daily targets are met.
This is an opportunity from me to show my strength. I have decided to enroll in a BA course and will commit to getting very high grades and a job by June 2017 latest.