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2017-03-12 17:28:13 (UTC)


I'll do a vlog with him. but not just him (admu). Itll be a nws TV thing. NW TV talks to benny. Nwtv talks to adamu.. basically seek out these nigerians with thousands of followers, and then do a vlog with them. Or maybe it's best to vlog with someone on the regular and then do one with a guest person on the regular who is a bit more famous.
ok let's be honest the idea i had to do a vlog with adam was purely for romantic strategy. but come to think of it, it's a pretty decent idea. i have many friends that are in the limelight so i'll just do it with them. I have bassey in mind as an actual regular person.

I'll do one with echi, i'll do one with chin, i'll do one with utiti maybe.

1. Vlog
2. Do something with BBC 3//Channel 4//OhTV//
3. Save 5K - dom stuff/receptionist/
4. Driving
5. Ndani - speak to Eznie