always wth love

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2017-03-09 09:32:38 (UTC)

last time for this month

So readers if you had read my entry for March, it will keep you posted!
So am back to post for the last time, for this month gotta keep my progress to complete this spring.
So? far am at an 75% (C) in math...lately have been HARD on myself, and now just GOTTA let the fears go! I turnt in my paper for PS and No. debate we had watched a clip bout President Trump( and others too), that followed within talking bout' how the difference of campaign from the textbook VS. Reality.
So my semester goals into summer as well! :)
1. Keep up hard work , and communicate with professors
2. Get Better at managing time!
3. always mini goals for myself
So as for next month, i want get back at an B as my overall then, hopefully by the end of the semester its an A.
I feel very proud of myself so over looking backwards!
Oh yeah my boyfriend text me (last night) wished me a good day today, gosh i love him so much:D
These goals are for all 3 classes am giving this to God, now days!
don't forget to change you're clocks on Saturday night FORWARD!
I will be back next month, hopefully.
Still no plans for spring break! But dont worry okay....