always wth love

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2017-03-07 15:50:11 (UTC)

untitled sorry! :)

Anyone read my entries in the pasted know I have a weird times that I wake up randomly that don't make sense to me at all. So? last night I couldn't take my sleep patterns any longer, I was utterly irritable that I was frustrated and I just came off day ago so my hormones were trying settle back to normal so? it had made it worse. My point is that I had called it night early like @8:30p, I honestly I need this sleep had very busy week, I haven't slept my bested it had fucked me over. I wasn't okay with it because I have lot happening around me, its hard scheduling sleep in- I never have enough of for ME. I have ONLY woken up twice this morning isn't too bad, right? Today was pretty chill day considering there's one more week left till spring break.
Awkward alerts! true story
I leave class early and hurry up to get help before the exam tomorrow , when a guy just randomly talks me gosh I feel flatter, but it feels so weird because I never got that this attention before from any guy EVER. I don't like being spotted like this but i am. (i beginning to lol because am totally in love wth my man!)
Right Now*
am missing my man so much because id a dream that was so damn vivid i wishing it will happen in real time(i'll tell you in person of the details). New questions appear now that haven't see each other in while.... are you up to stopping by at the college to spend the day wth me for a bit? could you surprise me just knock on my door as i did to you? i want cuddle with you and make out till our lips are so sore and watch whatever it is on television or binge watched a two seasons of rwby. You're my Mr. Right, you know that already. I miss you, James I cant wait to see you soon, to feel the warmth i miss of you.
- Spring break don't have any plans yet, sorry.
Bye, see you hopefully again in another month.