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2017-03-07 12:31:47 (UTC)

Contract Terminated

Last week Wednesday I lost my job and I don’t have anything to fall back to. By my reckoning I will be out of pocket by end of April so how will I pay my rent, kid’s school fees and my subsistence (expenses)? Strangely I am not panicking. Yes i face an uncertain future and i am concerned but not to the stage of that feeling you get where you taste sorrow. I think what has helped me is my divorce. It has made me capable of copying with adversity. Pre divorce if I lost my job i will taste it in my mouth and in my heavy heart. Now I just feel it is an opportunity for me to showcase what God is doing in my life.
The truth is that I have been looking hard at my career and I believe the time had come for me to move into a different role which is that of a Business Analyst. Now I am definitely going for that. I have enrolled for the course (10 days 4 exams!) and my boss in my online gaming business has offered to loan me the money to pay for the course.
Right now I am packing my bags as I have to catch a flight to South Africa tomorrow for a week. When I get back I will start studying for my course. I plan to complete by end of May and get a new job before end of June.
My contract was terminated because I breached compliant rules as I did not declare my other business interests. The company i worked for said I should have declared my interest in the online gaming business i was doing so they terminated my contract.

I feel good and it is an opportunity for me