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2017-03-03 14:13:48 (UTC)

We always fight when we're out.Pretty much every single time.Okay it's my fault. It's all my fault:

We always fight when we're out.
Pretty much every single time.
Okay it's my fault. It's all my fault:

If I was beautiful this wouldn't be happening.

I do my make up I try to be as precise as possible. Yet it doesn't matter how precise I am if I'm trying to cover up the ugliness which covers my body. He knows it. I know it .
But it still hurts when you try hard to look beautiful for someone and it's still not good enough.

I feel like my self esteem has hit an all time low. As shit as I've felt in the past I've always known it was other people's fault. Now I'm ugly because of me. I'm fat because of me. I'll never be as beautiful as the people he's known/knows.
And now the all too familiar feeling of wanting a razor to my scarred wrists returns.


So fucking stupid. He probably can't stand the fucking look of you god knows I can't .

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