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2017-03-02 17:57:20 (UTC)

V n me fight

No exactly fight but some issues some misunderstandings. He hates when i give importance to other things over him, i mean like not at all. He is a man with ego. He loves his self esteem. He literally hates when he is talking and m giving him part attentiin. Ya so this is what happened n he is kinda sooo annoyed on me that he is just ignoring me. Personally i feel that this is just making no point but its his ideology wat can i say. In his place if were it wud not bother me or i wud not mind me to that extend. Coz i love him. Its very dull without him. Yest i try to speak to him but he got very furious that made me cry good.. n den i slept n got late for work. I am giving him some alone time to get settle down, cool down then mayb we can talk good. If tomorrow also the scene is same then sat ill stay home.
Darling v wat to be so angry? We both r not anyone to each other, we both r in love and we r same i dnt think der shud be any space for ego. The way he looked at me tge other day really made me scared. M scared of his anger. I guess he will b fine by tomorrow. Was expecting his call but he is such a stubborn. I dnt mind him up n sat sorry n patchup but i dnt want him to get light on me that yeh karuna will come like always. let him us not my ego but i want him to understand. for him there is no ego nothg coz i love him in all way n i know so does he. cyaa Tomorrow early office.