always wth love

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2017-02-28 07:32:19 (UTC)

My man

What can i say bout my man, this time around he makes feel so much love, cant get enough his charm! Ive a good man that dearly dont want to lose him at all, we've a few more days to talk am so thrilled about that, he's going be fine i know that now, letting God take my worries and my struggles. His has been best person i ever met in my life, he makes his gf really happy to be his :D!!!! I couldnt sleep last night but already knew why because i just want cuddle wth my man kiss him till my lungs need some air thats how bad i want my man. I gosh hes good making feels more relaxed then i text him, or just hearing his voice. its 10x better when i am with you as the same for me.
I miss my man so much cant believe we've made this far, well i love you my wonderful!