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2017-02-27 23:34:21 (UTC)

he said

I spent four hours talking to adam yesterday night. I didn't want to stop, literally. since coming back i can't concentrate on anything else. I can't think of my degree anymore, and i'm afraid of what the outcome will be. I don't have the same fire or motivation as I had when i frist started. i don't know when or where it went.

He's honest, that's why i like him. he said some things that mad eme smile.

I asked him what his first impression about me was and he said that going by my IG page, he thought "who is this dry girl coming from the UK" I l literally pissed myself. He said he assumed I'd be boring, based on that. But then he said that when we went to meet his friend, he quickly realised i was very different to his expectations. This is going to be an exercise in self aggrandisation but whatevs.

He said I was full of life.