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2017-02-26 21:07:22 (UTC)

Dart Tournament weekend

Just got back from my dart tournament. We didn't take the top 3 dang it. Had a lot of fun though. Met a group from Hawaii so we chatted about home and some of my friends there. They knew who I was talking about and it was nice to get an update on everyone and even the places that are still there.

I couldn't believe my partner had a brain fart. We were playing 501 with 27points left and one dart to throw. I saw he was going for a number that was not triple 9 but our rule is that once on the line, we don't say anything to our team mate. Next thing I know, he does toss it clear and away from triple 9. After that, it was game over. We lost. Sigh... Oh well, better luck next season.