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2017-02-23 15:07:58 (UTC)

I got "stuck" embarrassed then laughter

How can I explain this to you guys?! Well I was getting off the bus, minding own busy when I realized that I got "stuck" at the door I put my key in and didn't want to open gosh I felt so than I just had wait for my brother to OPEN the door Id rang once then three times... before that I saw his mom out in front didn't see her till I got closer too my door BUT that's when I see James so try again!!!!!!!!!! this time am very pissed cause isn't letting me in. So? he came to my rescue, it was sweet I felt so HUMILIATED it wasn't supposed happened but it only appeared today of all days. Ugh... now im back inside to tell you this awful moment cant stop lol!!! its very funny to tell someone when there day sucks. alright see u.