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2017-02-22 21:24:00 (UTC)

Went to the gun range today

I literally had a blast tonight. I went with a buddy and I think I shot a few hundred rounds with both guns. My Glock 26 and my AR 15. I'm getting better. Better grouping and more accurate. Starting to do some rapid firing. Not super fast yet but not bad for a rookie.

I have a dart tournament this weekend and I can't wait for that. So exciting. Hope I don't choke. I've been playing almost everyday and I'm doing so so. Next season, I'm going to play in two divisions. It's been awhile since I was champ. I took a lot o 3rd place finishes these past few years but who the heck cares about 3rd? 2nd sucks too. I checked and we're the top 6 for my division in the State. We have a few hurdles to go through. We have a fighting chance. Hopefully we make it to the finals. :)

Well, that's all I got for now. Time for a few hours of "Game of Thrones" marathon.