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2017-02-22 15:44:26 (UTC)


So ill start from last night at 7pm when I get a text from my boyfriend, I wont tell you what we talked about its between us. Honestly we had deep conversation its a while since we had one those that includes on this pasted weekend. Sooo.... I get some more emails from Sarah, Wow! there's a lot that has happened in just a year not be contacted by her, it felt great to feel that vibe again! hopefully wont loose each other once again considering crazy busy we've been this semester alone. I also email M about what has happened in the two weeks, she felt bad "ghosting on me" I wasn't mad at her at all, she responsible to explain a real reason to that's I ever wanted from someone I known to be trusted. OK, lets see what's else is going on my life? Have been working this damn paper for several weeks now!!!! ERRR! should be completely done tomorrow HOPEFULLY!!!! AAH! I saw Rebekah today she so funny she makes me laugh so hard glad I connected with last semester. And? I never mention by classmates in my English class Stephan & Alexis. I sit right next to my left Stephan. He's very cool guy to talk to while doing group activities and Alexis well she very sexy girl tbh! She's a look like Kim K. West when was in her early 20s. I met them both first week, I really had "hard ass crush" on her still do! I can tell she's totally straight girl, most girls like are straight so I learned that hard way multiple times that BURNT me. Am not going that direction any longer, anyway have devoted all my love to James so I am very thankful and lucky meet so sweet and kind, patience to get to know me.....Classes are going strong for the time being am not DROWNING in it, trying be positive more and not worry over the lame crap that cant really control over, so that's good :)
Oh yeah just got back on Netflix found another good show to binge watch "Between" whenever things start to closed down :( I have watched 3 episodes of the first season that's something right?
* Things haven't mention on my first entry sorry I was too damn emotional at the time!*
I love PopRock Bands
and R&B, Hip-Hop, Country
The late 90s and early 200s music
Vanessa Hudgens, etc., Kygo, Selena Gomez - It Ain't Me
plus present of course!
Well Bye. Got finished up the rest of my math homework that had got helped on. See you guys later, thanks tell you my busy day today and yesterday. Oh yeah, finished my poems for the Flight(only submit by email to into the book in 6 days away now!).
Goodnight everybody!