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2017-02-21 07:29:12 (UTC)

i spent the day with James

i spent the day with James on saturday afternoon, when he saw me first he didnt want let go of me. gosh i felt so messed up totally so sick to my stomach not by him but what was going on in the hours before. i was very scared to speak i couldnt snap out of it! It was overcasted so it made hard to enjoy the time with him. He drove in town to local movies theater and gave me present and i knew i was totally trying my vary best to stay calm , i smiled because i really to have something bought from him. i also knew he wanted a bit more time with me but i began to rush to the door. We went to go see "Batman Lego Movie" it was straight-up comedy it was a great escape from the chaos. Later we went to chili (oh ya were playing footsie that was very cute)and treated me a desert that was best ever! We talked for hours and he's warm was best part being with him, he kissed me the same way he did two months ago, gosh we honestly didnt leave each other not for second :( we had ONLY eighteen mins left we had stench the time. It was nice being with my boyfriend gosh it wasnt enough time:'( I am looking forward to my birthday i cant wait to see what he comes up this time.