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2017-02-18 13:04:55 (UTC)

Date #2

So I went out with date #2. We went to a little Italian Cafe for breakfast and she did pay for it. lol . I have to say that I had a really good time. She was smart, intelligent and some views in life we actually both agreed on. Very nice date. It's so nice to hear and be heard in a convo with an open mind. We clicked really well.

I told her to sleep on it and if she felt like having another date, we can discuss this. She immediately already said she'd want to go out again. So I guess there will be a part two to this story. She did have some beautiful green eyes though. Never dated anyone with green eyes before. I've of course dated brown eyed women and blue eyed women but never green. I wanted to touch them with my finger because of how cool they looked but I'm guessing that would've pissed her off. lol

She's an inch taller than I am so this is also a first for me. Always dated women shorter that I am just because but she didn't seem to mind today.
I'll see how it goes.