Experienced Life
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2017-02-16 20:10:54 (UTC)

Date #2

Got a msg from Date #2 (The one that flaked the last time). Not sure if I already indicated she told me she felt bad for flaking on me or not. Anyway, she says I can pick the place. I told her she owes me breakfast for flaking the last time and she agreed. So I get to pick the place and she'll buy me breakfast. I'm starting to like this online thing.

Like I said though. The main thing is that it's giving me some self confidence that I am a normal person and some people can like me. It's actually a very humbling experience and feel good at the same time. For awhile there, I thought my soul was a spiritual punching bag that people could crap on or do whatever it is they wanted to do to me. Now I feel a little better.