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2017-02-16 12:00:04 (UTC)

Things & Speakin' in a group

dear dairy,
I feel more in control since hearing somewhat good news of SAP Petition is approved:) this along day (yesterday) of feeling unworthily as a girlfriend , daughter sister and a friend. Was just awful to keep inside of my heart, i text my man last night, i missed Him so much that it felt he loves so me much as i do for him. Lately my sleep hasn't been so great :( its been difficult so wake up on time. I honestly cant really figure out whats causes not fully to wake up on time. Its been crazy hours in the morning or the latter in that vary night. So? Yea it doesn't make no damn sense of this craziness!
Id ran a bit late to my PS we had another debate with protesters and human rights, i felt utterly embarrassed in my reply back during are 12 people in a group. I know now just to nod my head and just agree :(
So that made question about going into therapy as a group. Might not be a good idea for me . Well am hoping i can figure this out soon.