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2017-02-15 22:58:08 (UTC)

Date #3

Well, I finally met with date #3 today (even though it's only my 2nd date). Met at a restaurant and we actually had a good time. Nothing negative to say about this woman. And I'm actually dating again so I feel a little better about myself esteem. I can still communicate with the opposite sex without sounding like the village idiot. Swept me off my feet? Not exactly. I'm older now and the battles I've been in killed any chance of that. I am happier though and I did make someone smile today. I'll take that as being a good day.

Also, I did get a message from date #2? lol. Sorry, we never went out but I have to label her as that. Like I indicated, she wants to try again. I told her she should buy me breakfast this time and she actually agreed. Woman, can't ever figure them out. I of course won't let her pay but I had to give her a little bit of a hard time for her no show last weekend.

That's all for tonight. Thanks again diary (my pretend virtual friend) for letting me post my random unorganized thoughts.

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