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2017-02-13 08:52:55 (UTC)

A road trip

So i'm going to tell the road trip, it was 7 hour drive there to visit two college in one massive city. i had texted James that Thursday night it was just around 6 than cut it very short around 7;45p. i was woken up around 1:20am that friday morning Ugh! it was very tense just trying to get on the road by 3 am we are all settle the moon was out it was so beautiful. Somewhere in that morning it ha rained off and on like clock work, my butt became very sore sitting one spot and I've tired moving it kinda just made it worse in the matter to be honest. We both slept my brother and i then finally stop to get some breakfast at McDs afterwards have brought with me the book i got for Xmas from James. Then i used my tablet that i used to go on, to check my grades PS 101 an C on first exam and Math 90 an B first exam... there a buch of pity fights over generations music, their views on childhood (blah blah to me) or how they spoke to one another it just Not a good idea to be stuck an car for so many damn hours. All day my mind was on my boyfriend i dare you not i wish he was with for those two days i cant bare it being taut that 48 hours thats how it went down.....We almost havent had hotel to stay it this was about 10 something , his mom kept on channeling radio station every few seconds it got very annoying it was pissing me off. We got there First college around noon and the it bit cold the tour was pretty interesting it had start little pasted 1:30pm, i wish couldve took better pictures but my phone is shitty crappy smartphone on the planet! When we were heading back to the car there was a ticket[ $73] his mom was hella pissed off bout it, she was other rant off how there was no Sigh explaining there at parking poll. So? she had bitch and complain somehow had safe her in this lousy defense to comfort her distress of no one was supporting her so forth. Eventually we get to the hotel, and it just gets worse picks at me and her own boyfriend. she gives these evil glares why are you taking him? (Am like wft that i cant have a normal conversation, Umm okay whatever!). around 3:45pm i finally text to escape the current dilemma to destroy me even more. I did get reply back till 5 something because he had took a nap. We ate an fancy restaurant the food was amazing good, we were right next to the ocean and waiter was very nice to us that had lighted up the tension among the 4 of us. When we finally got BACK to the hotel id change into my pjs and chilled watching an old episode of 2 Broke Girl$(other shows), while texting Him . We texted till almost 11 that day it best night of my life. On saturday morning i wake up directly at 7 am and i was running late, i honestly didn't care, i slept good last night sleeping in a HUGE bed that when i suddenly thought of James by side i only slept on leftside were the view of the ocean and saw the sunrise it was so peaceful. We were running a bit a late next college we didnt miss much . We didnt go throughout the tour his mom ankle was spired again So? we had set this one out! honestly it was like cats and dogs once more again! We didnt do any sightseeing at all it wasnt going in a two day event. we made home at 11:20pm, it was ashamed to think that trip was fun or did i really enjoy honestly think not it was all directed at me. I was fun at all, honestly was only seeing red flags appear around in those days.
Well yesterday i just wanted to run and hide from it all but i couldnt because i had stuff to take care of that it was Sunday it more chaotic i didnt get enough sleep.
This morning my alarm went off again 4-4:09am thats when i turnt off at slept till 5:30am Bad idea on my part oh fucking well i need this sleep i have been burnt out this pasted weekend.
See you in march everybody!