Experienced Life
2017-02-12 10:11:54 (UTC)

Date #2 cancelled

Haha!!! My date #2 cancelled on me. I wasn't all too thrilled with going to see her anyway. I just wanted to go through the motion of dating, communicating, and socializing again since I suck at it. Well, and hour and a half before we supposed to meet, I got a text from her saying she is cancelling. Saved me some money anyway since it was a fancy Italian Cafe. She indicated she hasn't dated for 9 years and wasn't ready yet. She is a widow. Hey, so be it. I'm not going to try to fix her in any way. Not my job. Can't save the world as someone just told me recently

All I was looking for like I said was to be able to go through the dating motion. Maybe discover a new friend. That's pretty much it. I already found out from date #1 that pics they post online can be 10 years old. They aren't fooling anybody once you meet face-to-face. Oh well.

I guess to make it easier to remember, I will number my next date to be date #3 and that date #2 was a forfeit? lol :) I'm also finding a lot of fake profiles trying to get money out of you. Easy to spot and I hope others aren't as gullible. Poor guy or gal, looking for a relationship and there are peeps out there trying to swindle you I"m pretty sure to get your money. Sigh....

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