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2017-02-10 01:26:28 (UTC)

Date #2 will be someone else

Well, I forgot to ask the asian lady out. I asked but it was kinda last min. Whoops. My bad. So we missed happy hour today. haha.
So although I almost gave up on this online dating thing, my friend told me to not give up and don't let that one experience stop me. He made sense so I'll give it a try. Today, I exchange emails with someone for the 2nd day now and I guess she likes me enough and she decided to give me her number. I figure I may as well ask her out this Sunday and she said yes. Haven't even picked a place to go yet.

This Saturday, I have to pick up my wine order at at winery. Going to bring some friends with me to do some wine tasting too. You know... when in Rome and all that.

That's all I got for now. Just taking it day by day for now. Thanks again diary for being my pretend person to let out my random thoughts.

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