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2017-02-09 10:10:13 (UTC)

Busy Night & At 2 am

Last night was a ton of things that had to get done, i honestly dont know how i did all. I was trying to communicate with my professors to explain my reason blah blah of the typical I "might" be late for class. I just felt overwhelmed by it all, it had suddenly slowed down by around 7 and it got easier to study and to relax a bit before my exam that had took at 8:05 am. My boyfriend had text around 5 something that night, he had comfort was i really need by him. it had helped my nerves a bit.
Odd enough i had woken up at 2 am because i thought i might missed my bus for the exam today and i slept till 4 am, than heard my alarm go off at 4am than again at 4:09am by that time id decided to turn it off. just sleep my anxiety away all together.