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2017-02-08 08:56:47 (UTC)

Pity fights & A Roadtrip

Dear dairy,
Its a pity fights occur before our 2 day road-trip is going be huge mistake. i get this all an 2 hours leave the hours, waiting for the bus. How unsettle is that, my mom boyfriend and her is at it again. i wish that she can leave me out of it. She always venting to me about there issues, I've to listen and "play" sympathy card. Despite all the backlash i hear from them its cats and dogs, i think of James in the mist of this tornado. We had grown so much in our relationship we are very happy, Well some interesting news i finally got the details what the two were talking bout while i was getting off the bus. I wont go into specific it had ended my curiosity state mind. From the yesterday evening while get some studying done before texting my man. i honestly think these two days out of town is a mistake in its self , we are going for her youngest son that trying get into big university. So where we fit in all this now? Huh? i honestly don't have a damn clue, i wish i knew. The answer that i just said out loud. Its so childish, we are all adults in living in this house. What does that say to me and my brother? Well one its oblivious that my brother wants to move so badly to make a fresh start. As for Me, am almost there to finish the 4 year long course of whatever sees fit type thing.
Any who? so tonite I pack for the trip we leave early Friday morning, also do the some clothes. Am not looking to that, i was asked to do so cant complain, its better than being stuck wth five dogs that dont listen to anyone, unless you yell at the top your lungs. So do see where this has got very tension too soon, we have already broken that several months prior, or is it more say so an year. You tell me which one it is? Hmmm...