Experienced Life
2017-02-08 00:05:36 (UTC)

Yay!! A nice dream last night :)

So I finally had a nice dream. It's rare but I had one. No, it wasn't dirty. I just recall being with someone. Don't even remember the name. All I remember was that I was standing behind her a little to the left. We were a couple. She had brown long wavy hair. I even remember that I told her life is too short. Live for today. I think I was hugging her from behind. I may or may not have kissed her neck from behind but it was a dream so all that stuff is so hard to remember.

When I woke up, I didn't even remember I had that dream. All I knew was that I had a stupid smile on my face for no reason at all. Not until later that day did I remember the dream. So, it's a fantasy and all just a figment of my imagination but whatever. I'll take it. Maybe my soul isn't as dead as I thought it was. Still got some memories of nice things in life.

Work was ok considering it's been pretty crazy busy. Dart league last night was freaking awesome!!! Best darts I threw in a long ass time. I kicked butt. We won 13-2 and we never ever did that before. So, if I had to judge my day yesterday, I'd consider it a good day. Yup, most are fake dreams and non significant successes but it gives me my high. :)

That's all I got for now diary. Till next time.