deanne and Connor

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2017-02-07 20:18:13 (UTC)

Tuesday thoughts....

So what did You think of the Superbowl game? Sorry Your team would seem they sorta fell apart and gave us all the opportunity needed to score all those points! i don't know the technical words for what happened so hopefully that makes sense. i do know there were a few of those 2 point things You had mentioned! :-)
We had snow and ice today. Its supposed to be in the 50s tomorrow, then another storm with 6-12" of snow on Thursday. i will do my best to try to visit one of the next few nights....


Yes the only save grace was the 2 two point things that now mean you are My slave cunt for life! Oh wait, you already were! :) I will keep an eye out for ya sweet slut!:)

Yes, i am.
Sorry i didn't make it any evening. Kind of a crazy week and we had a nasty storm yesterday. i am delayed leaving this morning but heading off shortly. The weather report is for more snow tomorrow and possibly another big one Sunday into Monday.
Miss You.....

Your forever cunt,