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2017-02-07 15:50:10 (UTC)

Uncomfortable & Accomplishment

Should I have been happier that I saw his father and my mom boyfriend with garage was up?! Ugh I honestly couldn't give you a clear answer to settle my own curiosity. So I saw this all on the bus around 2:15pm, this all at my boyfriend house. I kept on asking where is James? (in my head I couldn't bare where he could be). I know he should be in one of rooms but couldn't register that, till he asked me how was my day? I said it was good, I just felt awkward about it. It took awhile for open damn door I was still in shock about it, still ask myself where is James? About a month ago I saw the car that in light blue in the opposite direction now it just sits in there garage. So? I want to know what did they discuss about, that's all I want to know.
Early this morning in the taxi got there at 7am it was raining a bit but not too bad, so we go into a huge circle to discuss the study guide that he passed out a day before exam 1 bad idea, really?... then gave us a run down in what the exam going be. Its very straight forward and am a bit nervous but am trying not panic over this! ....So the next class wasn't even real class it was conference looking over the [rough draft edit part 2] all have to print it the final draft . I got better one! than I went to go get help in other paper that am gonna start sometime next week....
So in all in this feels unsettling to me that am start to feel in my stomach? Hmmm....
See you later.