2017-02-07 23:46:54 (UTC)

first entry

hey guys!!
I know it's like my first diary entry but I'm gonna try to tell u guys the most things that happened to me lately, and I'm also gonna try to write everyday. so here goes nothing...

first of all, on the first school day, I met this guy called Jeremy, he has long hair just like me, except his hair is lighter then mine. We started being friends as soon as we talked to each other. then we both fell in love with each other (well that's what we thought). one day he asked me out, I thought for a few minutes, I didn't know if I should say yes. because my BFF Presley liked Jeremy too. But I followed what I wanted to say and not care if Presley would get jealous of it. I know she's my best friend but she can't really stop me of having my own choices. So I said yes. Jeremy was super happy. The next day, almost the whole school knew that me and Jeremy were dating, and at first, Presley was really annoyed, but at the days went she had to live with it, but that didn't stop her from liking Jeremy.
Me and Jeremy would pass our days looking at each other in class, hang out together, text each other when we got home. It was the most active dating in my life.One day I started to feel weird dating Jeremy, so I broke up, it broke his heart, but that was life.
We didn't talk for days.
Weeks later Presley started dating Jeremy, even if Jeremy didn't want to but I didn't really know. I kinda told Jeremy, well not really just tell him, I kind of ordered him to date her because she kept crying and that broke me apart to see her cry every time. So they dated for a couple of weeks, the, Jeremy broke up. He couldn't stand her being his girlfriend.

weeks. months passed, and now in the present of life, Jeremy is my best friend well kind of my second one cause Presley is still there but she changed, she's sassy and she always act in a drama queen when I spend time with Jeremy, so if she continues, Jeremy is gonna be in first place on the list. I'm also falling for his best friend, Jordan, I love him so much. But I don't really know what it actually feels like to be dramatically in love with someone, but it's hard to tell cause I think of him day long, and I have a hard time sleeping cause of his sweetness, cuteness, kindness, and more, it's really hard to say.

So you guys, I hoped you liked this diary entry, and your always welcome to contact me, or message me... Have a nice day...

Saralie :)