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2017-02-07 02:51:50 (UTC)

Christmas in March (1,575 wds.)

March 7, 2017
Eight o’clock in the morning and the alarm wakes her. She stretches to loosen her muscles and climbs out of bed. She puts a house coat over her Live, Laugh, Love nightie. It is not the sexiest item she has, but he bought it for her, so today ... it was appropriate. She no sooner enters the main room when there was a knock on her door and her heart skipped a beat.

“Oh God ... he’s here.” She said as she tried to be calm and collected as she walked to the door and peered through the peep hole.
It was him. Even though the peep hole she wold know him anywhere. She open the door to see him standing there, long beige trench coat, backpack and an odd, rectangular green case with handles. Without preamble she flung her arms around him and kissed him there in the hall. No regard for anyone who may have seen. The kiss was deep and passionate, and as she dropped back onto her feet she pulled him into her room.

As she walked away from him, she slid the house coat off her shoulders and said, “I was about to take a shower ... wash my back?”
“Actually,” he said, “Can you get dressed? The white dress, from Christmas of 2015?”
She looked at him, puzzled, then he said, “Humour me.” And he smiled the shy smile and headed back to the bedroom, still puzzled over he refusal to get naked with her. She closed the door, but not all the way, hoping he would at least watch her. She slipped the house coat over her shoulders and let it slide slowly down her back and pool at her feet on the floor. Looking over her shoulder, she could not see him through the crack, but maybe she was at the wrong angle. Next she pulled the nightie over her head, and as the fabric covered her head, she spun slowly so that her breasts would come into view. As the nightgown cleared her body, she still could not see him through the crack, and was growing concerned about his sudden disinterest in her body. She slid her panties off, and turned slowly to give him a complete view of her body before disappearing deeper into the room to get dressed.
Digging out her dress, that she did in fact pack, knowing from many conversations how much he enjoyed how it looked on her. Then she unpacked her bra and panties, and opened the door just a little more, trying not to look too obvious, but definitely wanting him to know what he was missing. She slipped into her lace panties. Something she bought at Victoria Secrets on her visit to New York City, then the matching bra. Then she slipped into the dress, and zipped up her back.
“Well,” she thought to herself, “I hope he has something really special planned.” And stepped into the main room and her heart almost sopped.
In the center of the room was a six foot tall Christmas tree. There were white snowflake lights, gold trim, and baubles hanging from the branches, and underneath the tree, he lay on the floor, dressed in a tweed jacket, shirt and tie, and blue jeans with a red ribbon across his chest with a big white bow at his shoulder. As she entered the room completely, never looking away from him, too stunned to speak, she rose, spread his arms out and said, “So, do you want to unwrap your present?”
She walked slowly toward him as he spun around to give her a complete look at the one thing she has asked for Christmas for 18 years. She started with the ribbon and bow, happy that they came off in one piece like a sash. She gently laid it on the table behind her then turned to finish unwrapping her gift. She slowly pulled the tweed jacket off his shoulders, allowing it to slide down his back like her robe had done earlier, and took the jacket in her hands and set it on the sofa in the room.
She moved to the front and took his tie in her hands and pulled him to her and kissed him passionately on the lips, the released him and undid his tie, sliding it through his collar and tossing it to the jacket.
“I have wanted to do this for so long.” She said, as she undid each button, punctuating each release with a small peck on his lips.
“I have been waiting forever for you to do this.” He answered as she pulled his shirt out of his jeans to undo the last two buttons. She walked behind him again, and cupped the cheeks of his ass before pulling the shirt off and tossing it with the others. She walked around him, studying his body like an art student looks at a statue of David. Next, she undid his belt. A brown leather belt with gold clasp. She pulled the tongue from the loops, and released the catch, she pulled the leather through the loops, keeping him in close proximity to her as she did.
She started to undo the button and zip on his jeans, kneeling before him as she did, she pulled his jeans down, anticipating what was to come, when she caught sight of a shiny blue satin boxers with the Aussie flag on them.
"You wore underwear?" She asked, knowing that for the 18 years she has known him, he has never wore underwear.
"Delayed gratification." He said, then added, "You didn't think I would come to you and NOT wear one of your gifts?"
She stood up and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him, her tongue darting into his mouth as she pulled him to her.
"I love you." She said, then returning to her position, she pulled the boxers away from his waist to better move them over the erection he was forming, and pulled them down. As he lifted his legs to step out of the boxers, as said, "And the socks?"
"Of course dear." He said as she took off the Aussie Flag socks she had bought him years ago, "This is probably the fourth time I have ever worn them.
Once her present was completely unwrapped, she stood up and admired the gift, walking around him, studying, touching, caressing his body. She reached for the ribbon she had originally discarded and draped it over her shoulder.
"Your turn." She said, "Happy birthday."
He took the ribbon in his hands and pulled slightly, aware not to apply too much pressure, but just enough for her to know to move forward. As they closed the distance, he wrapped his arms around her and held her in a kiss. When she pulled back, breathless, he lifted the ribbon off her shoulder and let it fall to floor.
"It is so beautiful, you want to just keep the wrapping paper, don't you?" He said as he circled her.
"You don't just want to rip off the wrapping?" She chided.
"You have no idea how much I just want to rip through the wrapping to get to my present, but this is a lot more fun." He said as he stopped behind her and slowly started to pull down the zipper. He moved her hair over her shoulder and kissed the back of her neck as he slid the zipper down, kissing down her back as the fabric parted.
"Cross your arms." He whispered in her ear, his warm breath tickling her ear, and she folded her arms across her chest.
He ran his hands under the wide straps of her dress, and cupped her should as he slid the straps over her shoulder. Moving to face her he ran his fingers down her arms, her flesh goose-pimpling under the caress as he stroked delicately to her hands, then taking them in his he pulled her hands open and let them fall to her side and the top of her dress slid part way down, the edge of her bra showing just over the top of the dress. He hooked his fingers under the straps again and guided the dress down to her waist. He moved behind her, savouring the look of her body, as he ran his fingers under the strap of her bra then down her side, around her waist the up to cup her breasts through the fabric of her bra. He slid his hands down to her hips and pushed the dress over her hips to the floor. She shivered slightly at the sensation, and the knowledge that she was slowly being undressed by a naked man.
Circling her, he admire the gift that he was being given, and again approaching from behind he caressed her shoulders, sliding the straps of her bra over her shoulders.
"Cross your arms." He whispered in her ear, and again she folded her arms across her chest. She could feel his hands undo the clasps of her bra, then trailing his fingers along her skin, he again moved to the front, and grasping the straps of her bra, asked her uncross her arms as he slid the bra off, revealing her beautiful breasts, full, white, with beautifully puckered brown nipples exposed to him.
As he tossed the bra to join his clothes on the sofa, he kneeled before her, supplicant in his worship of her body, and slid his fingers under the edge of her panties.he moved his hands being her, then cupped her buttocks then traced the bottom of her cheeks back to her thighs then again up along her hips to the edge of panties, where he slowly pulled them down, revealing the soft downy bush between her legs.
As the panties joined her dress, he stood up and took her hand, leading her forward, away from the pool of clothes at her feet, pulled her close to him, kissed her hard, their now naked bodies pressed against each other then he whispered into her ear, "I believe you mentioned something about a shower?"

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