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2017-02-05 20:03:09 (UTC)

Superbowl Party

Ok, was having a good time tonight. Everyone having fun. I cooked one of my awesome dishes as usual. One kiddo was going home and the Dad was going to take her home to her Mom. This was a single parent's group so this is the way of life for us. Anyway, all I said was if the kiddo wanted a plate to bring home to her Mom. This is the custom in Hawaii. Anyway, my ex wing woman had to fucking comment and say, what my motive was. Is her Mom hot?! Really?! We gonna go there? Fuck her. She's the one with the flavor of the month boyfriend so fuck her. Fucking herpies carrying bitch. Yes, she has it. Apparently, there is a group for people like her to hang and date together.

Whatever. Glad I don't keep in touch with her anymore. Bitch!!!!

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