An inconcluded life
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2017-02-05 19:41:04 (UTC)

constant reminders

Despite the constant reminders, I am unable to keep up with the diary -- it is more like a biyearly.
Tell me something that I always tell you? "I love you"
What makes me happy? "Giving you a hug and a kiss"
How tall am I? 10 meters?
How old am I? 45
What is my favorite color? purple
What do I like to do most? color and write
What makes me feel proud of you? That I behave well.
What is my favorite food? Lasagna and spaghetti
Could you live without me? NO.
If I could go somewhere, where would it be? Panama
What do I love most? Hug me
What do I do well? write and read and do lots of activities
What do you like to do with me? just be.