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2017-02-04 23:05:53 (UTC)

Got my first online date under my belt

So, I met my online date. Had dinner, wine, conversation and all that cool stuff. She likes me and she asked me for a 2nd date. So.... problem is that her profile pic is like 10 years old. NO shite!!!! Yes, I included the "e" as the Scotts, Irish, or whatever European country speaks like that. Holy mother effing cow!!!! I know I'm a man and I didn't get any in awhile but damn!!!! Really!!!! What a load of crap!!! No wonder I don't do online dating websites. Now what?! I don't know what to do. I guess I"m shallow. I should be dating her daughter is what I'm thinking. Yeah, I'm an ass but I did post pics of me that's only a year or two old at most. I am not one to take selfies so that's the only reason why I put one that was a year or two old.

Oh yeah. Dinner came out to be 145 plus tip so that was a 175 dollar dinner. NO, I shouldn't bitch but fuckity fuck fuck. I think she may be lying about her age because she is supposedly only a couple of years older than I am but her pics is way way different from real life. Oh shit!! That's why I don't do online dating. I should've just gotten a massage with a happy ending and saved some money. Well at least I think I would've save dome money being that I never went to a massage place that gave happy ending before.

Please forgive my little rant. it's just that I was a bit fooled by someone or at least I felt that way. Why post pics that is 10 freaking years old? You aren't gonna get me drunk enough to the point that I won't notice it so why why why!!! And now what do I do about her 2nd date request?

I should've just stayed home, opened a bottle of wine and let the night work itself out. But no... my dumb ass thought there is still honest people out there that are real. Sigh...

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