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me and my life
2017-02-04 15:49:13 (UTC)

So many thingsss

My birthday is just 2 days away. And i have not done shopping till now :( coz i have no money. Anyways m big but this is the age of celebrating life. Pheww all money is gone to bookings of kerala anywaya m not sas abt it this shows that i am grown up now and mature.
Many thg are happening. Bitch is coming back to suck our blood, we r all set for kerala just hotel booking remaining, v has gone to kerala miss my monku, but work kept him n me occupied, I guess tommorow he should be back. M reading the most amazing book i ever read kite runner from khaled hosseni its very interesting book. I will read girlfriend wala book of chetan next. Reading books is lovely habit n in all its a pleasure, m warchg friends season too m on 6th season now.
M feeling good abt life but sometimes all of sudden it upsets me for not meeting my expectation but cmon now that is only life.
M really jealous of bitch. I eny her good luck inspite of being such a bitch. No single person adore her rascal, sometime i wonder how her hubby loves her, how can such selfish bitchy cunning women be loved by someone god knows. My deaperate motto to run from this job n get better placement in good company asap. Coz 2019 will b my business year, yes! Ill try my hands on business.
My all friends planned for thailand trip girlies trip. God knows how far will it be successful. Had taken mom last sunday ti colaba casway, foodin for lunch n marine to relax n she loved tge dat spent. Whole day with dad ahe gets frustrate i really think how long is thia going to be this way all sufferings in her life.
Awww i miss my monki.
Tomorrow is sunday i donno wat m i gonna do...havent planned.
Excited for my bday gift. Hehehe
All this much for now... Cyaaa stay blesses