deanne and Connor

our dialog
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2017-02-02 18:02:22 (UTC)

my Task & this weekend...

I am sort of thinking You won't be around this weekend. Haven't heard from You and You mentioned the football
I did fulfill my task and will write this weekend (or tell You directly)......sorry i didn't write it earlier....been a busy week!
I have had a crazy busy week as well! I thought I would be here this morning, but Maria stayed over last night so I will be tied up (no, not I will be looking for that assignment and the details here!

i hope You and maria had a nice night and morning. i missed seeing You earlier but i put my time to use tending to my class.

So my task was accomplished Wednesday night. It was mid evening and we were both somewhat tired. He was getting out of the shower and i was finishing brushing my teeth. As i head out of the bathroom i cupped him, kissed him and whispered that he didn't have to put anything on and that he could meet me in the bedroom as soon as he was dried off. i was laying across the bed sideways when he came in and smiled at him as he strolled to meet me at the side of the bed where i was waiting, leaning on elbows at the bedside. my mouth greeted him and there was no resistance (is there ever.... :-) ). my sucking and bobbing soon trended more to a gentle thrusting on his part and soon he let his hands wander to my head that he cradled in his hands. i thought of You.

His rocking and gentle thrusts were met by my slow bobbing and sucking and an occasional twist side to side and of course his hands continued to cradle the sides of my head. i heard an occasional "oh baby" mumbled which made me think of You again.

Soon he rested his knees against the side of the mattress and became a bit more deliberate with his thrusts and i could feel a tighter grip on the sides of my head so i knew it wouldn't be long. i sucked hard and deliberately as he backed off and my lips rose up his cock. Moments later he gripped firmly, moaned deeply and exploded in my mouth at which point stopped thrusting and just let it squirt while i sucked gently.

As i sort of rolled to one side, swallowed most and looked up smiling he leaned over, knelt, and kissed me. Mind You it was not a deep tongue wagging kiss in my mouth, but he did kiss my lips and that was definitely YOU.......

i hope this pleases You, Master.